Angel Wiki: Hunting Guide



This page lists recommended leveling guide, with the maps and monsters associated with Angel RO. This guide will have the places to hunt, and the monsters to kill based on your class and level. It is made based on a Angel RO with a starting area, thus you will experienced the Angel RO leveling features.


Start Point

Like official, the start point of Angel RO is in Novice Training Ground. You can follow the training untill reach base level 10+ and job level 10. And then change your class.


Angel RO Quest

In Angel RO, you can easily leveling by doing a Quest from NPC Questboard, located in Payon (see screenshot). This quest can help you from level 10 untill level 99. Questboard can be repeat every 1 hour. You can see the table below for details.

Base Level Monsters
10 - 25

25x Zombie

25x Skeleton

10x Poporing


Recommended Map : pay_dun00

25 - 40

30x Wolf

10x Boa

10x Spore

10x Poporing


Recommended Map : pay_fild02

40 - 55

30x Orc Lady

30x Orc Warrior


Recommended Map : gef_fild10

55 - 70

30x High Orc

30x Orc Archer


Recommended Map : gef_fild14

70 - 85

30x Medusa

20x Pest

20x Nereid


Recommended Map : beach_dun

85 - 98

30x Permeter

30x Freezer

30x Solider


Recommended Map : tur_dun01

98 - 99

30x Raydric

30x Raydric Archer

30x Khalitzburg

1x Abysmall Knight


Recommended Map : gl_knt01


NPC Locations


Note! some players choose their spot for hunting. For example Magma Dungeon, or etc.


Angel RO Open Instance / Open Dungeon

If you are already reach base level 70, you must try Angel RO most interesting hunting features. It's called Open Instance. Anyone can join this instance without party-bounded, so it's possible if there was more than 1 party. You can meet other players, ask for their party, and hunting together in 1 map. For further information, you can visit this link.

Entrance Locations




Another Leveling Spot

Beside the guide above, you can also get more EXP by Fishing and Monster Invasion feature.