Event : Pest Control



1. In order to start the quest, find NPC First Mate near the Lower Kafra of Alberta. It’s easy to recognize him since he looks very worried.


2. When you talk to him, he will ask you to help him catch some Sticky Rats. The Sticky Rats are very unusually strong rats that infested the ship. If you agree to catch Sticky Rats for him, he will immediately give you a Leaf Cat Ball. The leaf cat ball contains a poison that immediately kills the Sticky Rats.


3. Upon receiving the Leaf Cat Ball, You must walk towards the ship in Alberta located at the upper right part of the town. The ship seems to have no problem in the outside. But upon entering the rooms inside the ship you will be surprise on the large number of Sticky Rats on the floor.


4. Select one Sticky Rat and try to lower its health. When you are confident enough to capture a Sticky Rat, simple double click the Leaf Cat Ball and a taming slot machine will appear.


5. If you are lucky enough you will capture the Sticky Rat immediately. But incase you fail you will talk again to First Mate and ask for a Leaf Cat Ball. After a successful capture you will receive a Mystic Leaf Cat Ball.


6. After receiving the Mystic Leaf Cat Ball, talk to First Mate again to exchange the Mystic Leaf Cat Ball to with a Shiny Bead and some EXP. Upon receiving the Shiny Bead you will trigger the 20hours cool down of the quest.


7. Exchange a Shiny Bead for 5 Blue Potions or Accumulate your Shiny Bead to exchange it for Headgears. at NPC Second Mate.